Music & Movement Classes for Infants & Toddlers in Hoboken

Music & Movement Classes for Infants & Toddlers in Hoboken

Looking for a place where you can expose your newly-minted infant to music and movement class? We have a slew of centres which provide music & movement classes for infants & toddlers in Hoboken.

And we are confident that these baby activities will delight and surprise you and your baby,as well !

My Gym


At My Gym, kids of the age of 6 weeks- 10 years are given right amount of stimulation and rest by their well-designed programs, which not only helps kids to respond and communicate better but also helps both mommies and kids to develop healthier lifestyle. Surely your toddler with turn out to be ha happy and confident kid after joining this movement & music classes !

Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite E-312, Hoboken
Phone: 201-758-8390

Guitar Bar Jr

Guitar Bar Jr is one of the music & movement classes for infants & toddlers in Hoboken which offer an environment parallel to your home and a well-structured program named Little RockRollers for infants and children up to the age of 4.5 years. So go fix a class today!

Address:  203 11th Street, Hoboken
Phone:  201-222-0877

Timings: 11:00AM-7:00PM [Mon- Thurs]

11:00AM-6:00PM [Fri-Sat]

Closed on Sunday

Kid’z Musik

There are a lot scientific studies been conducted in the past which shows how music and dance enables an infant or toddler in more than one ways. And Kid’z Musik centre is aware about that very well !

These music & movement classes for infants & toddlers in Hoboken will take you on an exploration of basic motor and early social-skill development of your little tots, with the help of live musicians, props, authentic instruments and drama with musical games.

Address: The Elks Club (1005 Washington Street), Hoboken
Phone: 201-965-1273

Musicology 4 Kids

At Musicology 4 kids, you will witness your sweet bugs clapping, swinging, singing, twirling, bouncing to music. Through their energetic and interactive classes which includes a package of live guitar music and vibrant recorded tracks; your kids will have plenty of fun while at the same time picking up a lot of skills. Here, the music & movement classes for infants & toddlers in Hoboken holds for infants till the age of 3 years.

Address: Celebrate Life Studio (1200 Park Avenue), Hoboken
Phone: 201-344-6119

Music for Aardvarks

Music for Aardvarks has been holding the trust of numerous caregivers since the past ten years. From children ranging from 3 months of age to 5 years of age, each one of them is tapping their foot with Music of Aardvarks  rocking interactive musical experiences.  Why don’t you check it out for yourself ?

Address:  classes held at Local Barre Uptown (1180 Maxwell Lane), Devotion Yoga (12 Hudson Place) and Monroe Street Movement Space (720 Monroe Street, Suite C-504)
Phone:  917-400-4524

Preschool of Rock

Head to Preschool of Rock if you have been looking for exuberant children’s music classes ! With some drumming, shaking, dancing and laughter your kiddewinks will glow from within.  The professionals here understand the needs of your kids, in emotional and developmental terms. Go take a leap then !

Address: classes held at Local Barre Downtown (44 Hudson Place), Local Barre Uptown (1180 Maxwell Lane), Monroe Street Movement Space (720 Monroe Street, Suite C-504), Romparoo (537 Park Avenue)
Phone: 732-205-1971

Music Together

At Music Together, your toddler can build sensory experiences and learn physical contact with other kids through their love for music and dance. At this music & movement class for infants & toddlers in Hoboken  your tots can adapt motor skills, balance, coordination, early socialisation and much more with a lot of fun.

Address: Classes held at Guitar Bar Jr (203 11th Street), Studio L (70 Hudson Street), Zen Space (450 7th Street), The Hudson Tea Building (1500 Hudson Street) and The Hudson School (601 Park Avenue)
Phone: 201-869-4704

Songs for Seeds


Which kid doesn’t enjoy singing and dancing ? And one might think that kids simply sing and dance, without  listening to some lore, perhaps. At this music & movement classes for infants & toddlers at Hoboken, be assured that they are learning something superior ! Furthermore, they encourage kids to sing and dance with a live three-piece of band as well as with real instruments.

Address: Classes will be held at Prime Cycle- 1025 Maxwell Lane on Monday’s and Thursdays
Phone: 917-751-3678
Website: www.songsforseeds/hoboken


The transition of a kid from infant to pre-school is a poignant one for mother as well as for the child. The various activities at Romparoo like Mommy & Me, On my Own, My Big Step Up and creative movement classes tend to make parents as well child understand its social, emotional and physicals needs. They also have yoga classes and open plays.

Address: 537 Park Avenue, Hoboken
Phone: 201-653-3232


Apart from being one of the most popular pre-schools, Kidville is also one of the best music & movement classes for infants & toddlers in Hoboken. What if the toddlers acquire crucial learning skills through sensory stimulating activities like music and dance, art and enrichment classes ? Won’t it be a great galore ! Kidville covers it all.

Address: 1202 Shipyard Lane, Hoboken
Phone: 201-377-5495

Hudson Vibe

At Hudson Vibe, toddlers love to explore the rhythm of their bodies and use their limbs. Parents ! watch your child learn how to coordinate ones body with the rhythm of Latin music. Here, Zumbini classes are offered for infants and for age group up to 3 years.  You will see hoe these rhythm patters will build confidence in your child.

Address: Celebrate Life Studio (1200 Park Avenue), Hoboken
Phone: 201-981-4474

Monroe Street Movement Space

Toddlers are far more demanding of caregivers time and continuously need activities to keep them engaged round the clock. Monroe Street Movement Space, is one of the movement & music classes for infants & toddlers in Hoboken, which offer drop-off classes for 2 and a half to 4 years old of kids, in addition. Now you need not to worry about our muchkin because this movement space provides loving and safe environment.

Address:  720 Monroe Street, Suite C-504, Hoboken
Phone:  201-222-8033

Urban Jungle

There is an old saying, ‘Start young, they say and we comply with a lot of love and sensory.’ These are the words which signify Urban Jungle. The programs here are structured well according to the schedules and needs of the child. From art to movement, to exploration classes; Urban Jungle covers it all. Here, your child can learn at its own pace !

Address:  1140 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken
Phone:  201-653-4212

The Inner Athlete

Children largely learn from music & movement activities, which happens in an unstructured manner at homes. But here, at The Inner Athlete the experts keep a keen eye on your little one and empowers them to develop strength, motor and cognitive skills, and works to bring out emotional intelligence in them. Oh ! and do check out their Rookie Class and The Grand Slam for your sporty beans.

Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite C-409, Hoboken

Kick and Play

Just like its name says, it is one of the movement & music classes for infants & toddlers in Hoboken where your toddlers are exposed to the world of physical activity, specially pre-soccer skills. Kick and Play trains kids as young as 12-24 months of age using positive and encouraging programs. Their fun-filled programs are tweaked to suit the kid’s aptitude and age.

Address: held at the Hoboken Multi-Service Centre (124 Grand Street), Hoboken
Phone: 212-877-5425


Does your child share a smile when it sees its favourite game ? If one observes well, then one will be able to see hoe efficient and great are techniques of HappyFeet. At this place let your kid discover a new world with stories, songs and games and dive in. And of course learn soccer skills which shall help to develop team work and quick decision making skills.

Address:  Winter League held at Rue Building (301 Garden Street), Hoboken
Phone:  201-484-0880

Kaplan Cooperative Preschool

Enroll your precious ones to Kaplan Cooperative Preschool for music, play and movement classes. There is no need to fear since your buds will have best and gentle trainers. Your kids will grow in mind and body as experts guide your little ones. Don’t miss out on its Two’s Program for children between 24-36 months age, in addition to Preschool Program for children ages 2.5-5 years.

Address: 115 Park Avenue, Hoboken
Phone: 201-653-8666

Miss Yvonne Swim School


Imagine your little champs splashing in the pool, ask you to dive in ? Miss Yvonne Swim School helps your toddler to get comfortable in water, while at the same moment of time you can learn about water safety with your child. Their program is perfect for kids aged between 5 months- 2 years where they can learn a lot of body movement, eye coordination techniques, social skills with great fun and music !

Address: 1200 Koelle Blvd, Secaucus, Hoboken
Phone: 201-201-600-4640

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