Best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken New Jersey

Best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken

Our amateur beginners are naturally creative and graceful with their nimble feet’s, jiving with or without music. You notice them as the first ones off their seat when music starts playing, swinging with their natural rhythms of body. And what can be better than having best dance classes for kids in Hoboken!

Therefore, we bring you a curative list of best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken. Check them out !

Bienvenue Dance Center

Now your kids can learn to balance on tip-toe and elegantly pirouette to strengthen their muscles, by joining Bienvenue Dance Centre. This is one of best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken where children of age-group 5 and above can learn ballroom and Latin dance forms with a lot of fun !

Also, what makes them stand out of competition is their private on-to-one lesson. So, find out what all that Jazz is about !

Address: E420, 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-253-0012
Timings: 1:00PM-10:00PM [ Mon- Fri]

10:00AM-10:00PM [Sat]

10:00AM-4:00PM [Sun]

Every Little Movement Academy of the Arts

Be it a complex dance form Flamenco or other dance forms like Indian Dance- Odissi; this classical art school covers it all. They offer classes for 3-14 years old and as quoted by them, they give tools to develop the kids artistically, while letting them fully express their own personalities. They also give a boost to children’s confidence by having them participate in ‘Hoboken Shelter Dance Benefit’ which happens twice, annually.

Address: 301 Bloomfield Street
Phone: 917-945-4060

Garden Street School of the Performing Arts

No one knows better than ‘Garden Street School of the Performing Arts’ how to channel a child’s inner creativity and enthusiasm for dance and music. It has one of the top notch staff amongst the best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken, filled with classically trained and certified trainers who enable our kiddewinks with outstanding techniques and values to become splendid dancers. Also, the age-group they train starts from age 2.

Address: 1018 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-7078

Mile Square Theatre Dance Academy

Best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken

Fascinated and inspired by Ballet and ever-evolving Modern Dance ? Mile Square Theatre Dance Academy offers experts who specialise in pre-professional-level training in Ballet, Modern Dance and Theatre Dance. In this academy, you seek to learn every nuance of dance form in a fun and nurturing environment.  So, pick your kid’s ballet shoes and head to this school ! No doubt, it’s in best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken list ! Address:  1400 Clinton St. Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-7014

Monroe Street Movement Space

Best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken

It has been Hoboken’s favourite dance school since 22 years ! Heard right. Therefore, it isn’t one of the best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken without a reason. They offer a well-designed and structured classes for Ballet and Modern Dance at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, starting from the age of 3 years till 15 years. The goals of the class at this space is not to master steps but to discover movements that comes naturally to children.

Go grab a seat ! Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite C-504, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-8033

Timings: 9:00AM-5:00PM [Mon-Fri]

9:00AM-1:00PM [Sat]

Closed on Sunday

Studio L Dance

A mixed bag of Ballet, Tap Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acrobatics/ Tumbling and more, it covers it all. With its encouraging environment, Studio L Dance aims to inculcate poise, self-confidence and a sense of cultural learning amongst its pupils. Moreover, the classes are fun and energetic with the use of age-appropriate techniques. Oh ! Did we forget to mention about its large spacious dance rooms and numerous parking options ? Why don’t you check it for yourself !

Address: 505 Madison Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-857-0868

Hudson Vibe

Begin your child’s healthy journey with a lot of fun, plays, music and games, by enrolling your child at Hudson Vibe, one of the best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken ! They offer Zumba Kids Jr. For ages 4-6 years and Zumba Kids class for ages 7-12 years.  Here, your kid can get loose and be one own self, with simultaneously absorbing key child developmental skills like leadership, socialisation, coordination, cultural awareness, memory and balance. What are you waiting for, then ?
Address:  Celebrate Life Studio (1200 Park Avenue), Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone:  201-981-4474

Dance & Vintage Crafts

‘Dance & Vintage Crafts’ is named as one of the best 8 dance classes for kids in Hoboken for it’s exceptional methods for stimulating creativity and improvisation with the use of craft and dance amongst kids. The school represents a fine conglomeration of craft and dance; tapping creative juices of kids up till its highest potential. Furthermore, it offers classes for 6-10 years of children. It is a joyful symbiosis of physical activity and self-expression.

Address: 123 Jefferson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

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